Tuesday, June 7, 2011

baby party!

This weekend we had our first baby shower, hosted by my sweet law school friends Sarah & Trey Tally and Ellen Neese. We were so thankful for this opportunity to see so many of our law school/Nashville friends, and we were overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. It was a wonderful night-- definitely the best baby party I've been to! Here are some highlights:

Law school girls: Rachel, Me, Ellen, Leslie, Sarah & Harriet (who was 38 weeks pregnant with her first little boy)
Some Nashville friends: Brian, Leslie, Andrew, Chris Kuzur, John

Parents to be!
My longtime friend Macy and her precious daughter Caroline (the youngest of two), who stole everyone's heart with her precious personality.

The most delicious cupcakes!

My college friend Jennifer, who was sweet enough to hang out with a bunch of lawyers.

Fully stocked bar...this is standard at every baby shower, right? It definitely is at law school parties.
Delicious watermelon cubes with cheese and a cousin of prosciutto.
Our sweet hostesses, Ellen & Sarah