Sunday, May 18, 2014

8 months

what I'm doing: crawling like a wind-up toy, pulling up on everything, standing while holding on with just one hand, babbling, and sometimes trying to cruise on the furniture

what I love: my daddy (I'm pretty obsessed), my brother and sister (especially my sister who really makes me laugh), putting any and everything in my mouth, plastic water bottles, laptop cords

what I don't love: getting into my car seat, being put down in my crib at nap time, when Barnes and Frances get upset

what I eat: I love all varietals of gerber puree,  I love putting finger foods in my mouth but promptly gag and wretch until they fall out, and I love dog food when I can sneak by mom

Thursday, May 15, 2014

first last day of school

Y'all, where did my babies go? How can this possibly be the difference in October to May--not even a whole year?

Today was the last day of Mother's Day Out for this year, and I am dumbfounded by how much B&F have grown and changed over the last seven months. In October I had babies who would wear what I picked out and stand relatively still for a picture. Now I have big kids who are independently minded and prefer not to match. The first time I took them, they clung to me and cried giant tears, making it so difficult to leave. Now they hurry me along and can't wait to get to school, and tell me stories all afternoon about their friends and activities.

While they've learned countless "academic" lessons this year and really, really enjoyed music time, the most important thing they have learned is resilience. They have found that it's okay if mommy leaves...she always comes back. They have learned that new things may be scary, but usually turn out to be fun. They have learned that they can play with other children, not just each other. According to their teachers, they have learned that friends have the power to comfort and distract, and their natural inclinations toward empathy are already developed. And they have found that when things get sad or lonely and mom isn't around, having each other is the best possible cure.

I am so proud of my little monkeys' first year at "school." And while it's adorable when they sing the alphabet or point out a color, I'm most excited about the life lessons already instilled in these two precious souls.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

documenting my littles

Andrew says I need to join a 12 step program. I am officially addicted to pictures. And while I love snapshots and photograph my children on an almost daily basis, nothing compares to a session with a really good photographer. I try to limit these to once (or maybe twice) a year, but during the first year when a little one is growing and changing so quickly, we do a 6 month session as well, so we recently had Shep's 6 month pictures done.

We have been lucky to find some amazing photographers over the past few years. I have loved the results of every photo session we've had done, but every once in a while you find a photographer that is perfect and seems to really get your family. The day they are scheduled to come happens to be sunny and warmish and your children are awake and cooperative. And in those magical combinations, you end up with unique treasures that capture the true spirit of you, your little ones, and the dynamic that you all share. This session was one of those times.  Please excuse my inability to narrow it down to a few to share.
our happy 6 month old, Shepherd Louis

my two ever present "helpers"

I love how she captured mine and Andrew's love for this precious boy.

and some almost impossible to get family shots of mom, dad, and our three under three