Sunday, June 12, 2011

friday night in the fort

Our college friends can attest to the fact that Andrew and I spent many Friday nights in Fort Sanders, both jointly and before we ever met. We decided to bring that tradition back this weekend, though in a slightly different context. We spent around 3 hours at Ft. Sanders hospital Friday night being monitored for potential contractions.

First and foremost, everything is fine. I had uterine irritability, which is pretty much like mini-contractions that were concerning due to their frequency. Basically, to be a contraction, the uterus must tighten for at least 40 seconds. These "irritations" lasted about 20-30 seconds. I had a few full-blown contractions thrown in, but thankfully those stayed spaced out. Because the uterus shouldn't be this active at this point in our pregnancy, they gave me a shot of smooth muscle relaxer to stop the irritations. Luckily, I only had to take one dose of this lovely medication (it makes you very jittey and causes your heart to race). Things seem to have settled down for the most part now. We will check in with our regular doctor tomorrow and hope that this was just a little blip, not to be repeated.

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