Saturday, June 25, 2011

the most beautiful faces...

Although we weren't planning to, today we decided to pop into a 3D ultrasound place and take a peek at the babies. Wow, are we glad we did. It was amazing! For the first time, the little jumpers in my belly really looked like little people!!! We came home with 65 photos on a cd as well as a 25 minute dvd of the ultrasound, and I just couldn't wait to share.

This is both babies together, though they were almost too big to get into one shot. Baby Girl is on the left, and you can see her face, arms, and legs. The circle on the right is Baby Boy, and they are looking towards each other.

Baby Boy's sweet face!

Baby Boy again

Baby Boy showing off his flexibility...that's his foot right next to his face!

Sweet Baby Girl! She has her face basically pressed against my uterus, which is why her nose is so smooshed.

More Baby Girl!

Baby Girl with her hand by her face.

And one final picture of our Baby it!


  1. Those are so great! They are definitely little people :)

  2. Wow - love them!! So ready to meet these two in 3 months!