Tuesday, June 7, 2011

23 week update

Yesterday we had our second "anatomy scan" to view the areas the babies wouldn't show the first time. Baby boy was very cooperative, so we got everything crossed off his list. Baby girl, however, still didn't want to show her spine, so we have another one in three weeks. Oh, well...no complaints about more baby viewing!

Everything still looks great! Baby girl is very, very high, which explains why I am having a little trouble breathing lately. Most excitingly, they gave us their weights...baby girl weighed in at 1 pound exactly and baby boy is a whopping 1 pound 5 ounces. The sonographers said it's perfectly normal for them to be different in weight, as these two are no more genetically similar that any other siblings. Except these two special siblings will share a birthday!


  1. Yea for more baby viewing :)

  2. Nice, you are going to have an entire album of just ultrasound pics before they even get here!