Tuesday, May 31, 2011

barefoot and pregnant

22 weeks and counting! The babies are moving more and more, which is amazing, and Andrew has gotten to feel them several times. By now, they should be at least a pound each, but three weeks ago they were a couple of ounces ahead so they may have passed the one pound mark. They are around one foot long and growing every day...and my belly can tell!

As you can see, I'm looking very pregnant these days. My most pregnant feature is currently my feet. On Sunday, in a matter of about two hours, my feet went from normal to marshmallows. I'm having trouble fitting into shoes and am afraid I'll be completely barefoot soon. A small price to pay for two healthy babies!

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  1. What a cute bump!!!!! The feet swelling isn't going well on my end either. And we are in real trouble now that summer has started!!!