Tuesday, May 1, 2012

road trip

Hello to all of our bloggie friends!  We have been keeping mom so busy that she hasn't had time to write.  We didn't want you to forget about us, though, so we thought we should check in and tell you about a few things we've done recently. 

A week and a half ago, we took our first major road trip to see our cousins in Virginia.  Mom said that it would be a seven hour drive, but she was wrong...it took us 10 hours to get there and two days to get home!  Since Virginia is such a LONG way away, we had to take lots of breaks.  Our favorite break was a picnic....at an Exxon station....mom and dad said that was really classy.

When we finally made it, we went to our first pool party.  It was our cousin Nathan's fourth birthday, and we were so excited to celebrate with him.  Dad said we couldn't swim with the big kids yet, though, but don't worry--mom made sure we wore white terrycloth outfits to fit in with the pool theme.

Our cousins Nathan and Suzanna are really neat.  They are older than us, so they get to stay up later.  Apparently they even get to play after we go to bed!

We got to spend lots of time playing together, which was really fun.  We love playing with our cousins!

On our way back to Tennessee, we tried to go to some place called Monticello.  The wait for a tour was pretty long, though, and the lady said something about kicking us out if we caused a disturbance, so we just read the brochure instead.

The best part of the trip, though, was on the way home.  Since it was such a LONG drive, we stayed in a hotel one night.  While we were there, mom and dad let us take a bath together for the first time.  We LOVED it!  We splashed and laughed and had the best time together.  Now we get to take baths together every time!

When we finally got home, mom and dad said we were suddenly 8 months old!  We didn't know that going to Virginia made you older, but apparently it does.

We hope you've been having as much fun as we have!  We'll write again soon to tell you more about all the new things we've been doing.

Love to all-


  1. I can't believe they are 8 months!!! What a precious picture in their 8 month onesies :)

  2. Wow, I bet it was really fun to see them take a bath together!!!!!

    Glad you had a great trip!