Monday, May 28, 2012


My sweet little 9 month olds, are officially 3/4 of a year old...just 3 short months from your first birthday!  I cannot believe how much you have grown and changed lately.  Each day, you impress us even more with your new skills and curiosity.  This is such a fun stage...I wish it would slow down a bit so I could savor it even more. 

Barnes, you are our little wild man.  You work so hard crawling, pulling up, and rolling around all day that you pass out quickly at nap time.  Standing is your favorite right want to stand all day long, and you try to pull up on everything--your toys, the couch, chairs, mommy and daddy's legs, the dishwasher--whatever you can find.  You are currently getting your second tooth, and you aren't very happy about it.  You've started babbling more and more, and we love hearing your sweet voice sing through the house all day. 

Frances, you are truly the sweetest little girl that God could have ever made.  You love to be tickled--you light up and laugh your angelic little giggle, and mommy and daddy just melt.  Your gummy, toothless smile is one of our favorite sights.  You love toys, and you love to put things in and take things out of your cake pan.  You also love to blow bubbles.  Sometimes we find you drenched from all the bubbles you made.  We think you are trying to talk to your brother sometimes, too, but he's not quite ready to talk back.  You aren't happy all the time, though.  You are getting frustrated that you haven't figured out how to move yet.  You scoot in circles on your belly, put you haven't quite mastered forward motion. 

You are both becoming so much more independent.  You hold your own bottles, and you prefer finger foods that you can self-feed to anything off a spoon.  You can entertain yourselves for longer periods, and you sleep through the night now (12 hours!) without any help from mom and dad.  We are so, so proud of you.  Don't become too independent, though.  Mommy doesn't want you to grow up too fast!

We love you so much and are so thankful for you both,
Mom & Dad


  1. Precious post! What adorable babies. I know being a mother to these two brings you great joy! Blessings to both you and Andrew and your twins!

  2. I see Barnes's tooth! Frances's hair is starting to grow too! I can't wait to hug them again in a couple of weeks.