Thursday, May 3, 2012


As the twins mentioned in their last post, the past two weeks have been full of fun and adventure.  Perhaps the most momentous occasion for me, though, happened on a regular Wednesday two weeks ago.  On April 18th, the twins turned 34 weeks old.  They had officially been in the world for the same amount of time that they grew in me.

I'm not sure why this hit me so hard.  Perhaps it was because I so wanted more time for them inside last fall.  No matter how deep that desire, however, time was not a gift I could give.  Or perhaps it was because, through the miracle of medicine, I knew that this 34 week mark did not mean the end of anything.  They have time now.  Time to grow, learn, and develop.  Time to play with their puffs as we work on self-feeding. Time to drench every bib I put on them in less than 30 minutes.  Time to interact with each other and with mom & dad.  Time to grab the dogs and laugh when they bark.  Time to light up the world with their smiles and laughter.

Of course, we all know that tomorrow is not promised, that each day is a gift.  I am just so thankful that, for now, it looks like B&F will have many more "tomorrow gifts" to open in their future.

meeting Barnes at 34 weeks gestation

34 week old Barnes
meeting Frances at 34 weeks gestation

34 week old Frances

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  1. I can't wait to meet those 2 precious babies in one week!!!