Tuesday, August 7, 2012


These little ones are growing up.  It's hard for me to admit, but it's true.  Sure, neither of them has hit the 20 pound mark yet, but they are infants no more.  Despite my reluctance to admit their toddler status, the universe has hit me in the face with proof over the last few days:

  • The invitations for their first birthday party arrived in the mail yesterday.
  • On Monday morning, we had the Today show on in the background (as usual), and the screen panned to the waving crowd.  Sweet Frances, with no prompting whatsoever, waved back to her people.  
  • Barnes can say "dada" and "a-ma," yet reserves these words for when he really wants us to pick him up...and it just tugs at your heart so much that you have to stop what you're doing and comply.
  • At story hour for the past two weeks, Frances has crawled away from mom to the front of the class to sit by the teacher.  No lack of independence here.
  • While he was once content to play with the top of his activity table, Barnes now wants to flip it over.  He's always looking for a different way to play.
  • Not long ago, I was coaxing them to eat their solids.  Now I can't get their peas/carrots/bananas/peaches/bread on the trays quickly enough.
  • They love testing their limits, pushing their boundaries.  Upon hearing "no," they turn their sweet faces towards you to see if you really mean it.  Trouble, trouble, trouble.
While having two infants was difficult at times, I can only imagine the challenges that two toddlers will bring.  Ready or not....

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