Friday, August 3, 2012

busy bees

Hi bloggie friends!  We don't know if you've heard, but a few weeks ago we took a long road trip from Knoxville and never went back.  We wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing since we moved to Indiana.  Mom doesn't like it here very much yet, but we have found tons of fun things in our new home!

We celebrated our first Fourth of July with a trip to the local, free zoo.  We saw monkeys & otters & even baby goats!  And don't worry...we wore our red, white & blue smocked outfits to represent both the USA and our southern roots.  

We've also been helping with the whole unpacking process.  Mom says that we make her oh-so-much more efficient.

We turned 11 months old, which mom thought was a really big deal.  We're not sure why it mattered so much, but we love any day that ends with dad throwing us in the air.

We like Lafayette, but our favorite thing so far has been our trip to Chicago.  We loved the big city!  We got to see so many fun things...Michigan Avenue, the Hershey store, the American Girl store, the phone book in our hotel room.  Before we came home, we even found a giant magical bean that shows your reflection!  We were quite the spectacle playing underneath it--at one point, more than a dozen people had stopped to watch us! 

We love Tennessee, but we think this place is going to be pretty fun.  And hopefully some of our friends will head north for a visit soon!

Love you all,

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