Thursday, August 23, 2012

one year wonders

It's birthday eve.  Tomorrow is the big, much anticipated day.  A year ago today I went to get an ultrasound, unable to shake an ominous feeling that something was wrong.  A few hours later, my water broke, and b&f made their way into the world.

So today our munchkins are one day shy of their big birthday...and what are they up to?

Barnes is a wild man, yet oh so tender.  He is crazy and physical and hilarious, then wants to be held and cuddled.  He makes the funniest faces.  He babbles all day, with words for dada, mama, book, and bye-bye.  He loves to clap  and climb stairs.  He has four adorable teeth, and we have to change his clothes every few hours from all the drool he produces.  His current favorite thing is to jump and dive on pillows on the floor.  Dad taught him this, and he finds it absolutely hilarious.  When we are in the car, he reaches for his sister's hand.  He loves his sister.  He stands all the time, and his balance is improving every day.  Yesterday, he took two steps.

Frances is still petite, but not to be underestimated.  She can still wear her 3-6 month pajamas, yet she can also stand up from the ground without holding on to anything, and her balance is incredible.  She sings and grunts and squeals all day, with words for dada and bye-bye.  She loves spaghetti and vegetables.  She is still sporting two sweet bottom teeth, and more hair on top than on the sides.  She loves her brother--she often follows him around--but she also has an independent streak.  She loves to sit alone and play, and upon waking from a nap is content to sing to herself in her crib for a bit.  She is so, so ticklish.  She loves to be upside down.  After every bath time, before we can get a diaper on her, she crawls over to the mirror naked to check herself out.

Both are obsessed with the dogs right now.  They chase them all day, and occasionally get a fist full of fur.  They love it when the dogs come in their nursery with me after a nap and lick their hands through the rails.  They are especially obsessed with Stella...maybe because she's almost as crazy as they are.  They play together a lot now.  The cabinets in the kitchen island open on both sides, and they love to get on each side and yell at each other.  The cabinets in the playroom do the same, and they have figured out how to make them into a tunnel.  They both love to wave.  When we go to a store, Frances waves as we go down the aisles.  Books and blocks are favorite toys, and they can make a push toy/walker out of almost anything.  They love, love their water table.

We are so proud of them and all they have learned in their 364 days.

Addendum: Not to be outdone, Frances took 3 steps shortly after this was posted!


  1. Happy happy birthday to your sweet babies!! Love the pictures...especially the one of Barnes, so precious! I can't believe out babies are hitting the one year mark. It is truly amazing to watch them grow.

  2. Happy First Birthday to your babies (and you!)! Enjoy celebrating and reminiscing! It's a joy to watch them grow.