Saturday, August 25, 2012

to my sweet twins

Dear Barnes & Frances,

Today was your day.  Your birthday.  And not just any birthday...your very first birthday.  And despite spending the entire day celebrating and rejoicing in you, I cannot seem to grasp the meaning of this day.

One year ago, we anxiously welcomed you into the world.  At 3:21 a.m., we heard the sound that would change our lives forever--your two sweet cries.  I had dreamed of the day we would meet you.  I hoped it would be perfect; that we would cuddle and cry and laugh as we got to know one another.  Because you made your entrance a bit early, however, the day went differently than planned.  My arms ached to hold you, but I knew that you needed time.  Time to get bigger and stronger and healthier.  Three weeks later, on the best day of my life, we brought you home, and the days and weeks and months since then have been the craziest, most fun ride of our lives.

You are such a joy, both individually and as a pair.  Barnes, your enthusiasm and excitement are contagious.  You love to have fun, yet you are beautifully sensitive.  I hope you never outgrow your desire to cuddle.  Frances, your sweet spirit and determination are inspiring.  You are quite the thinker, and you love being held and tossed and tickled.  Together, the two of you are amazing.  You love each other so much, yet already antagonize and pester each other.  We often find you holding hands in your stroller or car seat.  Watching you learn and play and grow together has convinced me that every baby needs a twin.  I pray that you always recognize what a gift you are to each other, and my great desire is that you remain best friends throughout your lives.

Barnes and Frances, you will never understand how long and how deeply we have loved you.  Before you even existed, we prayed for you and dreamed of what you would be like.  You are our miracles.  When you arrived one year ago today, you made us a family.  You made us a mom and dad.  You brought joy beyond measure in your precious 3 and 4 pound packages.  Today, that joy has only grown, as we love you more and more with each passing moment.

Thank you for being our son and daughter.  Thank you for the kindness and goodness we can already see shaping your sweet souls.  We praise God for the precious year He has given us, and we pray He will watch over you all the days of your lives.

I am honored and humbled to be your mother.

I love you so much,

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