Saturday, January 7, 2012

toys, teeth, and tummy time

My friends, these twins are changing more quickly than I can possibly explain. They may still be small in stature, with Frances checking in at 10 lbs. 3 oz. (less than 1st percentile) and Barnes coming in larger at 13 lbs. 6 oz. (16th percentile), but they are certainly not small in personality. Both have recently discovered toys...they stare at them, try to grab them, and lick them like it's Thanksgiving dinner. They are both holding their heads up like champs--we look much less wobbly these days. They both smile, laugh, and love to play games with mom & dad.

Our petite princess is quite the kicking queen. "Kick, kick, kick" is her favorite game, and luckily it can be played anywhere. Her favorite venue, though, is in her crib wearing nothing but a diaper. Get this girl naked and she will kick like crazy. Precious! While she loves practicing her kicks, she is less excited about the two white things creeping through her bottom gums. Yes, our little ten pounder has teeth trying to peek through. The white dots on the corners are visible, and the rest could come through any day now. She is not enjoying teething one bit. Despite the teething, Frances is still such a sweet, calm little one, and her soft laugh is truly enchanting.

Sweet Barnes has been operating on two modes lately--super happy or super grumpy. We are attempting to minimize his grumpy mode with some dietary changes, but when happy Barnes makes an appearance it more than makes up for his alter ego. When B is happy, he is not just happy...he is giddy. He smiles, laughs, and squeals up a storm. He is so much fun to play with that it's impossible to get anything done; you simply cannot pull yourself away from his sweetness. In addition to being charming, B has been mastering (sort of) new skills. From 4 weeks to 8 weeks both babies rolled from belly to back all the time, but then abruptly stopped. As of Friday Barnes re-learned his rolling, and now he won't stay on his tummy for anytime at all (although when he is on his tummy he has learned to prop himself up on his arms, which is adorable). He is so proud of his rolling that he has almost figured out the back to belly roll as well.

Thanks for continuing to follow our story. We are so enthralled with these little ones, and we are honored to share their milestones with our family and friends!

Drooling is our new favorite....see...

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