Thursday, January 19, 2012

choosing kindness

We're almost three weeks into the new year, but I believe it's never too late to think about your resolutions. In 2012, I resolve to choose kindness. Being kind is not something you are or something you aren't, it's something you choose (much like love in my opinion, but that's a topic for another day). So this year, I will attempt to choose kindness as often as possible.

You may be thinking that being kind shouldn't require a resolution, and you are correct. Being kind should be our natural response. Too often for me, though, things like frustration, annoyance, and lack of time and patience get in the way of kindness. As we were showered with kindness over the past 18 months, I realized how often I have failed in this department.

In the midst of our miscarriages, numerous people showed us great love. I clung to the notes and encouragement I received from sweet friends. During our pregnancy, we were literally bombarded with kindness. I have never experienced such generosity in my life, as we received cards, sweet words, and so many gifts which allowed us to prepare our home for B&F. After B&F arrived, the cards and gifts continued flowing and delicious meals began arriving at our home. So many people gave us their time and energy, providing dinners so that Andrew and I had one less thing to worry about. I could have never imagined the innumerable acts of kindness we would encounter in the process of welcoming our son and daughter.*

During my pregnancy and the birth of our twins, I realized just how much a simple act of kindness can mean. A little note, an encouraging email, can truly make a difference in someone's day. So this year, I am hoping to begin repaying the debt of kindness we now owe. From realizing when a friend needs a little extra love to making sure I say thank you and make eye contact each time a server refills my beverage, there are so many opportunities each day to choose kindness. This year I want to look for these opportunities, to find ways to make other people's days a little better. Will I do it perfectly? No. Will I still respond with frustration, will I still be impatient? Of course. But I still choose to try.

*If you were a giver of any of these things and have not yet received a thank you note, please know that we are extremely grateful for you, and that I promise to finish all of our notes soon!

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