Tuesday, January 24, 2012

toot, toot

What's that sound? It's me tooting my own horn, of course. As women, we are hesitant to do this...we deflect compliments, and we almost never call attention to our own accomplishments. But today, I am proud of me. Today B&F are 5 months old, and they are STILL getting more breast milk than formula each day. At 5 months, they remain on a majority mommy milk diet!*

Once I realized that every drop of breast milk they received would be pumped, I never thought I would make it this far. I wanted to quit at 6 weeks, I really wanted to quit at 2 and then 3 months, then the big goal became 4 months. With Andrew's support and the new addition of a few hours of babysitters each week, though, I have made it far beyond my expectations. Now the ultimate goal--6 months--is only 31 days away. While I'm not sure what the ratio will be, I feel confident that I can continue to give them at least some of the good stuff until then.

Five Month Baby Stats:
  • Both are rolling from belly to back, and both roll from their back to their side.
  • B eats 6 ounces 6 times a day; F eats 5 ounces 6 times a day (but she rarely finishes her whole bottle).
  • B is now dairy free, and is a much happier baby since making this transition. Mommy misses her cheese and ice cream, though.
  • Both are laughing out loud.
  • Both can hold themselves up on their arms during tummy time.
  • Neither has a tooth yet, though F's teeth still appear to be closer to popping through.
  • Both are superstar sleepers. They go to bed (in their cribs) around 6:45 pm and usually sleep until sometime between 4:00 and 6:00 am. Of course they still have rough nights, but overall we are very lucky.
  • Both are now on a three nap a day schedule, and they take their naps together. Nap training over the past two weeks made our household much more manageable!
  • Both are enjoying toys more and more. B may be slightly more interested at this point, but it's sometimes hard to tell.
  • F is obsessed with her paci. B still takes it at night and nap times, but otherwise prefers his hand.
  • They are both drooling machines! B goes through about three bibs a day.
  • Both are getting cuter and more fun each day! We are so, so blessed!!!
Just look at those adorable rolls on my sweet babies' legs...we've come quite a long way from 3lb. 13 oz. and 4 lb. 15 oz!

*Note: This in no way makes me a better mom than someone who gives their baby all formula from the very beginning. We all have to do what works best for our family.


  1. They are so cute!!!! What did you do for nap training?

  2. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Good job to you! Pumping like that is hard work!

  3. I noticed those rolls even before I read your caption. Frances is really looking older, and my buddy Barnes is of course still trying to cover her face to get all the attention. I hate that I can't see and cuddle them more! We will be in TN in June.

  4. So darn cute! And great job momma with the breastmilk!!!