Tuesday, March 29, 2011

worth the wait

We are 13 weeks pregnant!!! We had our first appointment with our regular OB yesterday, and though we waited for 2.5 hours to see him, we LOVED him. He answered all of our multiples questions (and there were a lot), and he provided a good outline of what to expect in the coming months. He seems to be conservative in his treatment with a tendency towards over-monitoring, which is great for us. He also did my first over the belly ultrasound...here's what we saw:This is our little Baby A. He is lowest, so if I'm able to deliver, he'll come first. He is our active twin...he wouldn't even be still enough to get a reading on his heartbeat. He danced, wiggled, squirmed, flipped around, and was oh so fun to watch. In the top picture, you can actually tell he is moving!

And here we have Baby B, our mellow little one. He waved his arms a bit, but really couldn't be bothered to put on a show. Before we were focusing on him, we are pretty sure we saw him kicking his crazy brother/sister in the head, though, so I think he will hold his own well.

And finally, an image that truly melted my heart. We had just finished talking about whether the twins were aware of each other when the doctor snapped this beauty:

Our first picture of the twins reaching towards one another! Precious! I just know there will be lots of hand holding and love between these two for years and years to come.


  1. I love all of the pictures, but what an amazing picture of them reaching for eachother!
    I am picturing a frame with this on one side and a picture of them as toddlers holding hands on the other!!!
    Congrats on 13 weeks!!!!