Thursday, March 17, 2011

family photo

We're a little over 11 weeks, and the babies are looking great! They both put on quite the show today, although one is definitely more laid back than the other. Andrew tried to convince me that the laid back little guy takes after him and the crazy one takes after me, but I'm pretty sure it's the opposite. After all, he's the one who usually cleans the entire house before I even roll out of bed on a Saturday (which I do realize will be changing soon).

The picture we're sharing this week is of both twins nestled together. Every week our doctor tries to get a "family photo," but as the babies grow bigger these get more difficult to take. Today we could clearly see arms, legs, hands, and feet, but all you can really see above are heads and torsos. I think it's unbelievably precious to see them side-by-side, though, so I don't mind the poorer quality photo. When I see these pictures of both babies at once it makes the fact that there are really two in there sink in a little more. And sinking in is a good thing, because there are definitely two babies coming our way!


  1. Who are you kidding? You are totally the crazy one. Sleep now, and Andrew will have 4 times the cleaning to do so soon. I hope your babies are cleaner than their cousin, Nathan. The family photo is precious!

  2. Wow, I don't know that I have ever seen an ultrasound picture with twins together before! It is so cute!!! How exciting, getting close to the second trimester!