Thursday, March 31, 2011

becoming a parent

Two and a half years ago, Andrew and I moved into our dream house. Built in 1940, it still boasts its pre-World War II floors and molding. Last year we renovated the backyard, which may now be our favorite "room." Sure, it's not perfect. The layout is a little strange, and it's somewhat lacking in the insulation department. But it's cozy and warm (figuratively, at least), and has truly become our home. For all these reasons, it pains me to say that we are leaving our little cottage.

When we moved in, the plan was to have one baby here, then move when we got pregnant with our second little one. Life, though, did not follow our plans. With two on the way at once, we quickly realized that our next move might come sooner than we thought. Our cozy cottage is the perfect home for Andrew and me, but not so much the perfect home for our little twins.

So over the past few weeks, we put our parent hats on and made the responsible decision to sell the cottage and move to a "family home." I must admit that I did not come to this place easily...I secretly hoped that no one else would find our precious home as charming as we do. I even pulled out a card that I haven't used since before our infertility battle--"If we're supposed to move, God will make that clear." Well, we put the house on the market and were under contract four days later. I guess that's pretty clear.

Throughout our treatments, I felt that we were making decisions for our future children, but it was completely intangible since those children did not yet exist. Now, with my belly expanding and our growing book of ultrasound pictures, the children who must now come first are real. And with this move, we've made our first major parent decision. We just hope it turns out to be a good one!

(Our new house as of May 6th!)


  1. Eric and I are SO happy for you both! You deserve every happiness in the world! We will pray for you two as you experience this amazing journey that will lead you to the best (yet most tiring!) chapter yet -- parenthood! Love ya!

  2. Where is your new place? Hope the move goes smoothly!

  3. Your cottage is so cute!!! But your new house looks like a great place for your babies to grow up!

  4. Love it! Lots of room for lots of Shafers!