Tuesday, March 22, 2011

12 weeks

The twins have officially reached 12 weeks! They looked perfect yesterday...they are both over 5 centimeters long, and both of their heart rates had dropped to 153, which is great. Yesterday was supposed to be our last trip to the fertility center, so Andrew talked the nurses into bringing him a little "graduation" gift:

He saw these scrubs when we went to Chattanooga for our retrieval and transfer procedures, and has been talking about them ever since. We like to dream that we work at the Fertility Center, since the work they do is truly amazing, and they are the most compassionate, kind medical practice we could ever imagine.

Anyhow, our graduation gift was premature. I went off all meds for two days to make sure my placenta(s) had taken over hormone production, as that should happen around 11 weeks, but we weren't quite there yet. My progesterone is low, so it's back to the meds and back to the fertility center in two weeks. At least we get to see our favorite nurses again!

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  1. 12 weeks is an amazing milestone. Keep up the great work baking those babies!!!