Saturday, January 17, 2015


Happy January 16th, my friends! No, it's not a national holiday, but it is the anniversary of the day our B&F pregnancy began.  I love transfer day, and I celebrate with the twins every year. This year's celebration consisted of indoor swimming, mexican food, and ice cream...what more could 3-year-olds want?

Our 2015 festivities contained a new element as well. For the first time this year I got to explain to the twins a little about why this day was special to me. I gave them their embryo pictures to hold and told them they were their first pictures, when they were just teeny tiny about to go live in mom's belly. Frances wanted to know where Shep's picture was, so I got to tell her she was made with some extra special care and that the doctor helped put her in mom to grow.

Y'all, it may sound wacky, but it was precious. It was a chance to remind my children of just how loved and wanted they are. It was a chance to remind myself of just how lucky I am, of how dearly I wanted children and of how beautifully that desire has been fulfilled. On the last day of a week that has been long and difficult, a week when I tried to figure out exactly who to send my stay-at-home-mom resignation letter to, it gave me the perspective I needed. The perspective to remember that it's all worth it. That it's sacred work, a true privilege to be raising these kids.

So happy transfer day, B&F! We are so thankful that we "met" you four years ago and eternally grateful that you stuck around for the ride.

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  1. How fun! My transfer-versary is coming up next week. I haven't explained much to Blakely but she did ask me how the twins got in my belly so I at least started the convo. that he has on a princess dress ;)