Thursday, January 29, 2015

the minivan

Parenthood is a juggle, a constant balancing act. Some things must be literally balanced...time commitments, attention to each child. Most balancing, though, is more metaphorical. In my short three years as a mom, I've learned that one constant for me is the pull between being "me" and being "mom." Many times, most times, I am mom. But I think it's so important, both for your own health and happiness as well as the example you set for your littles, to retain a little "me." It doesn't have to be anything huge...continuing to engage in your exercise of choice or hobby, getting a babysitter so you can sit with a friend for adult conversation once in a while, taking the afternoon off to get your hair cut for the first time in 6 months. Little doses of the old you are necessary. After all, when you held your first baby for the first time, you may have fallen incredibly in love, but you didn't lose all your other loves in the process. They may be a lower priority, but they still exist.

So one of my concrete "me" items has always been my car. Despite being the crazy lady with LOTS of REALLY YOUNG kids, I refused to give up my SUV. There was no way I was becoming a minivan mom. That's where I drew the line. But as much as I have learned that you must cling tightly to some "me's," I've also learned that you must let go of others. Sometimes reason and family and common sense dictate that a "me" just isn't really going to work anymore.

You see, we are about to have four kids under four. Four kids that need help with buckling and climbing. Four kids that need giant carseats and space to breathe. And a mom that needs the ability to maneuver between these oh-so-wanted four littles. So we are now the (not-quite-proud) owners of a minivan. We shall be indistinguishable from every other family in the church parking lot in our champagne colored beast. And while we enjoy the convenience offered by this monstrosity, I will be secretly holding onto the hope that "me" will get a much more attractive car when my littles are a bit less little.

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  1. Girl. I feel you. We are going to have to get a mini but I soooo don't want to. I mean they are awesome inside and really make life with kids easier but seriously. Have you seen the outside of them? We are getting one but I told Lonnie we are waiting until the very last minute so I can enjoy my Jeep for as long as possible. No way I can fit three wide in the Jeep. Unfortunately :(((