Thursday, January 22, 2015

littlest boy

It's hard to believe, but we are well over half-way through this pregnancy. At 22 weeks today, even when you subtract those first few weeks when you aren't really pregnant, we are still closer to the end than the beginning. And I am so looking forward to meeting this precious boy.

This time around has been different....I've generally been more nauseous....I've had more (and stranger) cravings....I didn't start feeling him move consistently until around 20 weeks. But no matter the differences, no matter how many times you have been here before, it's a miracle just the same. I love knowing that my littlest one is tucked away in my belly. I love each jolt as he learns to kick and stretch and explore. I feel so privileged to nurture him in this special way, and I am already so grateful to be his mom.

21 weeks, 4 days...very pregnant

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