Thursday, July 31, 2014

big kid beds

This happened last weekend:

I must admit, I actually cried as we took their two sweet Jenny Lind cribs apart. We had been talking about it all summer, but the act of seeing those baby beds dismantled and these full size beds in their place was quite overwhelming. My babies are people. People who sleep in beds! And to top off the emotional onslaught, that night they informed us that big kids didn't need sleep sacks. So, down with the cribs and the sleep sacks all in one day. 

As with basically every transition in their life, they were far more prepared than we could have imagined. We let them take part in the whole thing...helping to pick out bedding and pillows, disassembling, re-assembling. Barnes was very into his role as helper...he takes tools very seriously:

Frances, though, was more about holding a tool and smiling. Just as she usually gets "tired" when it's time to clean, she somehow managed to avoid all hard labor:

Somehow traditional gender roles prevailed in the crib dismantling:

And as soon as her big girl bed was ready, Frances immediately became a teenager, lounging in bed and checking instagram (her favorite social media outlet):

They have done incredibly well in their "new room" and love the freedom to play on their bed whenever they want. They insist on showing each visitor their big kid beds and have even allowed a few stuffed animals to be moved from the beds to the dresser. And as strange as it was to watch the change, I love seeing them stretched out. I love how long and big and independent and smart they are getting. I love that they could tell me what kind of bedding they wanted. I love that they like things a little different from each other, but that they still feel safer and happier when their twin is in the room. And I love how proud they are of themselves with each new life skill they acquire, even if it is as simple as sleeping in a real bed. 

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