Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the yester-time elephant

In case you haven't noticed, I have had trouble keeping up with my blog. I guess it's true what they say...the second (or third-ish) time around, it's harder to capture all the memories. But it's not because you care less. Or you love the moments less. It's because you are living them more. With three under three (for two more weeks), we are doing lots of "living" and not much "reflecting." But still, there are things I want to capture; things I want to never forget. We have two big milestones quickly approaching--the third birthdays and the first birthday. So before these tiny ones are all grown and before these fun little nuggets they share with me each day pass from my overcrowded brain, I want to get them recorded.

Shepherd is quite literally the happiest baby. We never go out without someone commenting on his sunny disposition. We go to family gymboree class on Mondays, and he is fiercely determined and independent. He crawls up the slides, climbs on the mat, tries to nose dive off high surfaces. He crawls away from mom to sit in the middle of the group. He claps and smiles and dances to the music. This child loves attention, and people love to pour it on him. Shep gives the best head hugs...he leans his little head toward you and buries it in your shoulder. He has learned to wave recently and does so quite dramatically with his entire arm. He says "dada" when he hears Andrew's voice over the phone--he is still quite the daddy's boy.He loves his brother and sister and now tries to wrestle with them and follow them everywhere they go. He has taken one step about a million times, and two steps at least once, so we won't be surprised if he takes off on two feet soon.

Frances has music in her soul. This girl sings and dances through every day--Jesus Loves Me and booty shaking are constants. She is spunky and wild and loves to be active. She has more energy than I can possibly describe--I am not sure she ever sits still (except during her iPad time). She loves to take pictures, mostly of herself or her kitty cat lovie. She is getting quite the sense of humor...on a recent walk, we were talking about what animals eat, and when I told her that turkeys eat worms she responded, "I like gummy worms!" She loves to make Shep laugh and I often catch her in my rearview mirror making faces and giggling to him. She is quite the planner...she likes to know what is coming up throughout the day, who is waking her up from nap, who is waking her up in the morning, where we are going today and tomorrow....and she has started making her own plans. Just today, she told me that on Saturday we were going to get a popsicle and go to the park. She talks all the time now, and I can understand most every word she says...but she still has her quirks. My very favorite is that for anything that happened in the past, she says it was "yester-time." Maybe not correct, but definitely precious. And she says everything as a question with the cutest little inflection. I wish I could bottle up her precious voice forever.

Barnes is a character. His creativity amazes me. For a few months, we have had a fox going through our trash at night. But Barnes decided it wasn't a fox, it was an elephant. And he's seen the elephant in the backyard. It comes to our house via car, but it has to ride in a car seat to be safe. Of course it does. He is such a smart, meticulous kid--he wants everything in its place at all times. He is quite particular about what he wears and demands to pick out his own outfits. He loves running and jumping and getting dirty and water and all things outside. He also really, really loves blue. Everything has to be blue, and if something is blue, it is automatically his. He still has a crazy thing for stuffed animals, though he loves them and leaves them. We're never sure who the flavor of the week will be. Last week it was Mr. Moose, this week it is Mickey. But don't worry--no matter who is his current favorite, he makes sure each of his stuffed friends has the proper paci. Barnes is quite the talker and narrates our day all day every day. Barnes is a mommy's boy right now, and wants me to be anywhere and everywhere he is. It's trying at makes me feel terrible to leave him...but it's also sweet to know how much he loves me. I love that I make him feel secure and hope that is always true.

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