Monday, June 30, 2014

healthy boy

Shep's nine month appointment was today. We plan for these "well baby visits" as though they are strictly pro forma, another box to be checked on the parenting list. We go in, get excited to find out what percentile our little one is in, cuddle them after their shots, and proceed with our day. We are usually so busy comparing their weight and height with some chart that when our baby is pronounced healthy or average, we barely even hear it. But y'all. That's huge. Our baby is healthy! Our baby is average!

We should never, never take these words lightly. Each time our kids are declared healthy, celebration is in order. So many parents out there have been fighting, right along with their child, praying that they will hear those words again some day. And so many parents have never actually heard those words about their little one. A healthy child is not a given. A healthy child is a beautiful, marvelous, sometimes-nerve-racking-but-outweighed-by-awesomeness creature to be celebrated.

And here's my healthy boy today:

Weight: 20 lb. 4.5 oz (50%)
Height: 28 5/8 in. (70%)
Head: 18 3/4 in. (97%)
Adorableness: 100%

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