Friday, June 13, 2014


When I was in the "working world," Fridays were always a favorite. Two days of no work (or at least less work) were just around the corner. Everyone was a little brighter. Bosses tended to check out slightly early, co-workers grabbed lunch together. Fridays were definitely the best work day.

As a stay-at-home mom, I would posit that Fridays are the absolute worst work day. By Friday, I am tired of the mundane...of the incessant snack making, diaper changing, potty helping, tantrum taming moments of mom life. And my kids are tired of me. Art time and song time and cookie making and even pure bribery isn't nearly as shiny and fun on Friday. Yes, we are all ready for a change, and even though that change comes the very next day, Fridays are tough around here.

Take today for example. Last night I made the mistake of telling the twins we would go to a touch-a-truck event. Rookie mistake. Never tell your almost 3 year olds about any plans beforehand. Never. Despite the drizzle and mud, they insisted that we go see the trucks. So after Shep's morning nap, I packed all three in and we trekked 25 minutes north. Upon pulling up, I thought it was going to be great. Two firetrucks, a police car, a tractor, a swat truck, a bus...about 10 vehicles lined up for toddler inspection. I was getting major mom points for this. Because some of the trucks were letting kids honk the horns, however, B&F immediately freaked out. I pretty much forced them to walk half-way down the aisle of trucks, thinking they would eventually warm up, but no such luck. We stayed less than 10 minutes.* Great, I thought. I will salvage this day with a trip to Calhoun's for my favorite corn pudding. After all, we are NEVER in this part of town, so we might as well take advantage of the the drive we just endured. After three passes trying to find the restaurant, I stopped to consult google. Turns out it closed last summer. Awesome. So after a lunch of fazoli's breadsticks and a drive home where Frances and Shep fell asleep less than 5 minutes from home, I am now sitting in the living room listening to the monitor as all three kids scream and cry and refuse to take a nap.

Pretty typical for a Friday.

*Note: I am currently convinced that your rate of success at events like these is directly related to how many kids you have that still need strollers. Though I wouldn't take anything for having all three of mine under three together, there is something to be said for getting at least one out of the stroller phase before adding a third.

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