Thursday, August 29, 2013


With two doctors' appointments in two days, we have new stats on all three kids.  At his two year appointment, Barnes checked in at 27 pounds and 33.75 inches tall.  Frances is a whopping 24 pounds and 33 inches tall.  Each had two shots, which Barnes took like a champ.  No tears from sweet B...just smiles and amazement at his awesome bandaids.  Frances, on the other hand, went into a 4 hour fit that required her dad to come home from work.

This morning we got to check in on sweet baby boy, and he looks fabulous!  He is scheduled to appear in 18 days, but things have started moving along, so there is a chance we won't make it that far.  We did an ultrasound to estimate his weight, and the formula told us he already weighs 7 pounds!!!  We could have a big baby on our hands!  His head is exceptionally large, though, and the doctor thinks that is probably throwing the calculation off, so he may not be quite that large.  No matter what size he is, he appears to be healthy enough to thrive in the outside world at this point, and mommy could not be more thrilled.

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