Wednesday, August 21, 2013

bb and sissy

I hope they are always like this with each other.  As we close in on the twins' second birthday (just 3 more days), Barnes and Frances are more in love with each other than ever.  Without even knowing what the term means, they are the epitome of best friends.  They are truly lost without each other.

Barnes calls Frances sissy.  It started as sis, the second syllable of her name, but over the past 3 weeks has morphed into sissy.  He worries about her.  He reminds me which car seat is hers, which high chair is hers, which cup is hers.  He makes sure she is never forgotten.  Barnes often leads the charge at play time, but he keeps a vigilant eye on his sissy.  He is her interpreter.  When we aren't sure what she is asking for, he goes to find it for us.  Though he can be too rough, he loves his sissy and never wants to be far from her.

Frances calls Barnes bb.  It's a name I've used for him since birth, and recently she has adopted it as her own.  She adores bb.  She watches him constantly, laughing at his antics and trying to copy whatever crazy idea he has hatched.  She hates being separated from him.  If he is still napping and she is downstairs, she tries to sneak up to wake him.  On her last daddy & Frannie date, she asked for bb the whole time.  She makes sure he has all of his lovies each night, that none of the them snuck into her crib.  She gets frustrated by his roughhousing and resistance to sharing, but she wants to be constantly by his side.

Sometimes I think I might be crazy...two 2-year-olds and a soon to be newborn?!?!  Double the terrible twos is hard.  Some days, it's just a matter of counting down the hours until dad arrives.  But the love I get to see between them makes it all worthwhile.  Watching them learn from each other about sharing and forgiveness and family and unbreakable bonds is such a gift.  This is the good stuff, the sacred stuff, that you get from being the mom of twins.

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