Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Baby boy has made it past the 20 week mark--more than half-way to the day we get to meet him!  I am beginning to feel him squirm more, which is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant.  I'm also in almost exclusively maternity clothes, which are my least favorite part of being pregnant.

Being pregnant is a bit like a running a half-marathon.  The beginning can be slow and difficult.  Then, you hit your stride, and by the half-way point (around mile 7) you feel great.  You're thinking, "I'm going to finish this thing strong.  No problem."  Somewhere around mile 10, though, fatigue kicks in.  Despite the fact that you only have a few miles left, each step seems to get harder and harder.  Finally, you see the finish line.  You push across because you absolutely have to, and crossing that line is incredible.  You are tired and weary, but you are exhilarated.

Below is a picture of our sweet little son.  We are hoping he still has around 19 weeks to grow inside, and we are doing everything we can to make sure he stays put as long as possible.
profile at 19.5 weeks

3d at 19.5 weeks.  sweet, scrawny little face


  1. Cute little guy! Aunt Christina is betting on Sept 17th right between your two little girl cousins.