Wednesday, April 24, 2013

20 months

Where are my babies?  B&F are now 20 months old, which means two things...1) they are way closer to two than one, and 2) I only have four months to plan their second birthday party.  What are we loving these days?

  • Hot wheels.  They both love to line up their cars and make them "vroom vroom" on every surface available.  The school bus and garbage truck are particular favorites and have caused many fights.
  • Mardi gras beads.  Frances has 6 necklaces that she wears all day every day.  Obsessed.
  • Birds.  We have stools at our front windows and put a bird feeder outside, and B&F spend hours waiting and watching for birds.  Unfortunately we have mostly attracted squirrels, but B&F find them fairly entertaining as well.
  • Fruit.  I think my kids are fruitarians.  Except for sausage.  So fruit and sausage.
  • Our lovies.  It took them a while to catch on, but now they are super attached to the lovies that live in their cribs.  Their favorite thing is to get them all out while I'm getting ready upstairs, take them to the one bedroom with carpet, and lay on the floor cuddling with them.  Super sweet to sneak up on.
  • Animals.  We really love all animals.  Zoos of any size are a huge hit.  Just don't mind us if we bark at every single animal (we really love barking right now).
  • Being outside.  As the weather is warming, it's getting harder and harder to wrangle these kids back inside.  I love watching their sense of adventure blossom and can't wait to see what fun summer has in store.
  • Cleaning our hands.  They constantly point to the hand sanitizer and want to clean their little hands.  There are definitely worse habits.
  • Helping.  They like to think they are helping, even when their help is less than helpful.  I'm trying to brainstorm on how to best utilize this hobby.
  • Stickers.  Love them.  Want them on our feet.

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