Monday, December 3, 2012

why every baby should be a twin

When B&F were teeny, I never thought I would say this, but now I truly believe that all babies should be twins.  Maybe the world would be a smidge better if every little one came with a built in partner.  Why?

  • Twins have an automatic playmate.  They don't depend solely on their parents for entertainment. They have a best friend from the moment of conception.
  • Twins learn to share very early.  As soon as they recognize that there is another little human around, the process of learning to share begins.  I'm not claiming that b&f have sharing down to an art at 15 months, but we are already seeing glimmers of generosity that warm this mommy's heart.
  • There is always someone to eat the food that they don't want.  Frances loves, is obsessed with grapes.  Barnes likes them, but gets over them rather quickly.  When Barnes is finished with his grapes, he knows he can pass them over to Frances's high chair, where they will be disposed of properly.  
  • Twins are forced to realize that the world doesn't always revolve around them.  Even at a young age, they see that they may not always get what they want.  As sad as it sounds, sometimes I have to let one of my kids cry.  If the other actually needs me, then one may be left on the floor in tears.  And do you know what usually happens?  By the time I can get to the tantrum-throwing twin, he or she has picked himself up and began playing again.  I truly believe that learning this lesson early in life will serve them well.
  • Twins have a partner in crime.  Our little monkeys are already quite mischievous, and they feed on each others' sly ways.  I can only imagine that this will be loads of fun for them as they grow.
  • Both parents get to hold a baby...all the time.  This doesn't always feel like a benefit, but at the end of the night, when both Andrew and I are sitting and reading to a child one-on-one, I realize how special it truly is.
Having twins is a unique adventure--one that I never imagined I would experience.  But I am thrilled that I get to experience the craziness of raising more than one baby of the same age, with all of its joys and hardships.

Next, why every baby should be an only child....


  1. Sooo cool. I have thought about this too. Aside from the costs and being overwhelmed in the beginning I would have LOVED to have twins!

  2. <3 Having multiples is such a special thing. Truly a blessing.