Wednesday, December 12, 2012

poor santa

We are still sad.  We are still lost.  But life continues.  Most importantly, life continues to get more and more interesting for our sweet b&f.  We never want them to be affected by any of this--we want to guard them from our sorrow--so we are careful to fill their days with fun just as we always have.

This week we got to tag along while Andrew attended a conference in Chicago, so b&f got to meet Santa.  The real one.  The one at Macy's Santaland.  He was storybook perfection, with his jingle bell suspenders and wispy white beard.  I'm not so sure that b&f appreciated how special he was:

a less traumatic moment atop the john hancock building.  i promise this is not posed.
just a rare moment when sibling love shone through.


  1. I love crying Santa pics! So adorable :) We haven't taken Blakely yet but I have a feeling the picture will be similar to yours

  2. I love the Santa picture! We are taking Bennett soon, so I'm pretty sure I will have one very similar.:) I'm praying for you and your husband during this difficult time! Love you!

  3. LOVE the John Hancock building picture!! Twins are just so special. ..I always wanted one! :) Poor Santa. ..but I'm so glad they got to meet the real Santa at Macy's!! He really is the best..