Saturday, December 1, 2012

a house full of thanks

For Thanksgiving this year, Andrew's family made the long trek from South Carolina to West Lafayette, and we had a wonderful time celebrating together.  I am so, so lucky.  My in-laws are nothing like the jokes or horror stories you often hear.  They really aren't in-laws at all....just fabulous people that I inherited when I married Andrew.  We are ever so grateful for the few days we were able to spend together this holiday.

pajama party with aunt e

watching the parade with my best friend, stella

starting the day right with a little beverage and the black friday ads

thanksgiving kisses from brother

sliding with gigi

my big girl

our family of six

three generations of shafer men

we got to eat at the big people table...i wasn't impressed

and then we got to break out our holiday wear


  1. I think they get cuter every day - if that's possible. Just adorable!

  2. So glad the dress worked for Frances!

  3. So precious--what a wonderful holiday!