Thursday, March 8, 2012

three little letters

We have an unwelcome visitor in our home. Three letters we've been trying to avoid all winter- RSV. Poor Barnes was officially diagnosed, and Frances is getting more congested and is almost certainly also battling this virus (especially since Barnes continually eats her hands). So far they are doing well. Their precious preemie bodies are, once again, fighting harder than we wish they had to but rising to the challenge. It's so difficult to see them struggle. Hearing the rattles with each breath is torture. Thankfully, though, they are still smiling and playing at times, showing us that they have moments when they feel better. I love those moments.

Please pray that Barnes's breathing treatments work, that Frances does not get sicker, and that no one ends up in the hospital. I am not ready to reenter those doors with my sweet little loves.

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