Saturday, March 17, 2012


On this beautiful St. Patrick's day, we decided that the babies had been inside far too much lately and took them on an adventure to the zoo. While driving, I admitted to Andrew that, although it might seem silly, this was a bit of a dream of mine. When we were trying to get pregnant, one of my hopes was that one day I would have children to take to the zoo. So today I basked in the spring sunshine and tried to relish in the moment, memorizing the day I first took B&F to visit the elephants and monkeys.

I've written before about some of the more difficult parts of having twins, but one that has been weighing on me lately is how the busyness of caring for two infants can cause me to miss out on the precious lives of these two beautiful creatures. Our house is like a factory...we have methods and routines that, although a bit rigid to some, are what keep us afloat. Our survival depends on organization. But sometimes we (or at least I) get so mired down in getting it all done--getting the bottles made, the baby food pureed, the milk pumped, the clothes washed-- that I miss the amazing moments happening around me. These twins are growing so fast, and each day is filled with sweet moments that can never be duplicated. Moments like sneaking up on them playing together, finding them eating their toes, finding B eating F's head, watching their little brains work behind their eyes as they learn. Moments where I realize how soft B's hair is when you rub your hand against his head, or notice just how perfect F's features truly are. Moments that I dreamed about when trying to have a baby. Moments that make the busyness and the chaos more than worth it. These moments are all around me, I just have to slow down enough to see them.

dad making a car with our old bassinet and pushing us all around the bedroom

frances having the best time in her favorite bouncy seat

getting out of the shower to find that barnes has found clothes hangers and made them toys

frances's perfect face

barnes's soft hair

watching them love each other more and more

barnes growing too fast and starting to sit this week

hanging out with dad in our pajamas