Monday, March 12, 2012

home sweet home

Our baby girl is home! After two nights at Children's Hospital, she was discharged this afternoon. She and B are both still feeling pretty crummy, but we are excited to have them recovering together. They are happy to be together again, too. As soon as we got home with Frances, we put them in their bouncy seats facing each other and they stared and kicked like crazy. This was their first separation ever, and they are ecstatic that it's over. We are so thankful that they are on the road to recovery, and SO THANKFUL for Gigi, without whom we could not have survived these past few days.

The pictures above are a little preview of their 6 month shoot, which we actually did on Tuesday morning. They were a little sick at the time, but we had no idea how under the weather they truly were. Who could have guessed that this smiling baby girl would be in the hospital four days later?!?! We are grateful to Amy Larson ( for capturing these beautiful images.


  1. thank goodness she is home and they're back together!!!
    I can't wait to see all of their 6 month photos!!