Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sweet little B is growing up all too fast, and we are starting to see glimpses into the toddler he will become. Plenty of people have commented that he often looks mischievous in his photos, and I fear he may live up to these expectations. He has officially mastered rolling both ways (back to belly/belly to back). We are so proud of his accomplishment, but it's brought a whole new challenge to naptime. Almost every time I put him down, I see this on the monitor just a few moments later:

I snapped this picture the first time he rolled onto his belly in his crib. He was staring across the room at Frances here, and I'm pretty sure he was trying to talk her into playing instead of sleeping.

He is also finding ways to mobilize his adorable little body. This week while I was pumping, Andrew yelled down the hall that B was crawling. While his proud dad was exaggerating a bit, B can scoot around now. It's hard to explain...he isn't really doing the army crawl yet, but he manages to travel a few feet when he wants to. We're pretty sure he missed the memo that he is a preemie and is supposed to be a little behind developmentally.

And for his final shenanigan this week...we toured a few mother's day out programs yesterday with the hopes of starting one in the fall. B has never been shy. When we walked into the office of the program we really love, though, he took one look at the director and started sobbing. And this wasn't just a little whimper, it was a true, sad cry. Stranger anxiety starting at 5.5 months? Apparently it can happen, and trust me when I say it did.

Sweet little B, we love you and think you are too much fun...but we have our eye on you!

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  1. Way to go little man! Aunt C loves you. Just make sure you protect your "little" sister