Sunday, February 5, 2012

praise God...and google

How did people parent before google? I have seriously pondered this multiple times since August 24th. How many ounces should a five month old eat? Why does my baby scream in his sleep? What is the best rice cereal for starting solids? Where can I find coordinating boy/girl outfits? Google has wonderful answers to each of these queries.

In all seriousness, though, google recently changed our lives. B's sweet, smiley self had been replaced with an angry elf. He screamed, writhed in pain, and spit up 15+ times per day. Something was clearly wrong. We consulted our pediatrician, but they repeatedly blamed his behavior on his reflux. Having dealt with reflux since our preemies were born, our gut told us this was something more. Enter google. When I began researching milk protein (whey) allergies, I found myself reading our story over and over again. Babies exhibiting the same symptoms as B found relief in a dairy free diet. Although our pediatrician disagreed, we decided to give it a try...and we are so, so glad we did. Since changing B to a hypoallergenic formula and cutting all whey from my diet, his sunny personality has returned. He still fusses sometimes, of course, but the screaming and throwing up have all but vanished.

Our pediatrician believes that this is just a senstivity that he will outgrow, and not a true allergy. We will hopefully be able to reintroduce dairy at some point (although me eating a nutrigrain bar with just a small amount of whey recently sent him into a tailspin). Until then, we will continue to trust our gut, and in times of doubt, turn to google.

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