Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am trying to catch up on B & F's baby books, and I need a little assistance. I am not cool. Any delusion I had that I was still cool has gone out the window in the last 12 weeks. So rather than just write my own lame answers on the "the world around me" page, I thought I would ask my dear bloggie friends for some advice. Here are the categories:

  • hit movies and popular actors

  • favorite tv shows

  • popular songs and musicians (other than DH&N, of course)

  • best-selling books

  • fashion trends (Mollie, I'm counting on you here)

  • famous sports figures

  • technological advances

All input is greatly appreciated!


  1. Nathan's answers:
    Chuggington (this is the Disney channel train show) for all things related to TV.
    Books: Chuggington again but also "Seymore the forgetful Porpoise"
    Fashion trends: pants without buttons and screen print tshirts with trains/construction equipment
    Sport figures: daddy
    Technological advances: phones and computers

  2. Movies: you have to include "The Help" because I was watching it when I got the call that your water broke