Thursday, September 1, 2011

one week

Yeterday marked the twins' one week birthday! They have come so far in 7 days, and though they still have a long way to go, we are proud of every little accomplishment. Both are off all oxygen and IV fluids, and both are receiving all their nutrition from milk. Barnes is a bit better at digesting his food, but Frances is working on it. Both are still breathing too quickly, which is one of the big things they need to work on. Frances got her first bottle on Tuesday, though since then she's had to be tube fed because her breathing is too fast. Barnes had his first bottle today (Thursday), and did much better with it than we expected. Learning to suck, swallow and breath is a lot for a preemie! Barnes is now regulating his body temperature on his own, so he can wear clothes now and got to move to a bassinet today, which is a much less cumbersome bed. Frances passed the four pound mark last night, checking in at 4 pounds 1.8 ounces (though she could dip back down). Most importantly, we finally got to hold Frances today, 8 days after her birth.

It's strange how your perspective changes with babies that weren't quite ready to enter the world. We ask every morning how their stools were and celebrate poops without suppositories. We get excited when they remember to breath and keep their heartrate up. Before every feeding, we watch as the nurse takes any milk not digested out of their tummy to see how they are doing. It's not something you ever plan or something you ever wish to do again, but it's strange how it all becomes your normal rather quickly.

Here are two more pictures from their one week birthday--one of Frances hanging out in her pink bed and one of Barnes and dad cuddling. Please continue to keep our little ones in your prayers.



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  1. oxygen! 4lbs...You go girl! Love seeing her pretty face.