Sunday, September 18, 2011

lots of firsts

It's been a fun-filled four days at our house. Having our two little ones home is a dream come true, and we are so enjoying introducing them to the world. They are such wonderful babies and are already developing their own little personalities.

Barnes is quite noisy and expressive. He loves mealtime and would probably eat as much as we would give him (though he might not feel well afterwards). His has better muscle control because of his size now, so he's able to sleep in his angled sleeper/bassinet, which he adores.

Frances is getting more and more energy every day. For now she is quieter and more keen on laying awake and entertaining herself, so it will be interesting to see if this changes as she grows. She is so tiny and so beautiful, and her little reflexive smiles just melt our hearts.

Napping together in their pack-n-play, one of their favorite hang outs. No matter how far apart we lay them, they often manage to wiggle together.

Barnes loves his bouncy seat

Barnes after his first bath at home

Frances after her first bath...she loved bath time and kept kicking her feet around like she was at the spa

On their first walk. They were a little small for the stroller, but we figured it out. They both loved being strolled and were fast asleep by the end of the walk.

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  1. let the good times roll :) glad you guys are having so much fun!