Friday, September 2, 2011

funny story...

Well, it's either funny or completely depressing, depending on how you view it. I was walking the dogs during our "dinner break" yesterday, and the neighbor who lives behind us stopped her car, rolled down her window, and said, "So, no babies yet?" SERIOUSLY!!!! I still look 35+ weeks pregnant with twins?! In her defense, she cannot see the bows on the front porch from the way she drives to her house, but she had a clear view of me in a somewhat fitted t-shirt. Quite the blow to my post-baby self-esteem, and too funny not to share.


  1. I'm sure you look fantastic! Don't even worry about it :)

  2. Funny now...depressing when your child is 3 months old and you are still wearing maternity clothes!! I can't believe you are out walking dogs days after having twins. You are a supermom!!