Saturday, March 28, 2015

default parent

A few months ago an article was making its way around facebook regarding the default parent. The point, as I remember it, was that there is typically a parent that holds everything together--remembers important dates/times, knows where and when all kid-related events are, and generally keeps the family going. The implication was that the other parent, while no less important, would need a bit of help if left in charge. When I read this article, I remember thinking that this wasn't true for our family, and after the past week I am certain it's not. And I am oh so thankful.

I've been sick for a lot of days now. Like, not able to function sick. And Andrew just steps right in. From carting all the littles to restaurants or grocery stores, to taking Frances to ballet, to going on an adventure to find snocones, he never misses a beat. Though I may be the one at home on a daily basis, he knows our children and their routines just as well as me. He is able to comfort them, to entertain them, to wrangle them through life. He manages their daily schedules with literally no input from me. He transitions to "lead parent" seamlessly. For our family, parenting is truly a team sport.

So thank you, dear husband. Thanks for not expecting me to do it all. Thanks for wanting to help, for wanting to be involved, and for knowing and loving our children so well. I know they will reap great rewards from the example you set for them.

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