Sunday, September 7, 2014

what's in a set?

China. Encyclopedias (when they existed). Silverware. Chess. Weights.

A few months after Shepherd was born, Andrew asked me what the new name of my blog would be. New name? Why would I need a new name? He explained that with three, we no longer had a "set of shafers." 

I see his point. Twins come at the same time and are thought of as a unit. But here's the thing....for me, each of our children is unique and individual and special, yet each is a piece of our set. Our set isn't limited by time or numbers. It's not limited by birth date or birth order or biology. Our set knows no bounds but the number of children with which we are graced. After all, so many wonderful things come in sets of more than two. What if a tea set could contain no more than two cups....what kind of tea party would that be?

So Shepherd, you are part of our set. Barnes and Frances, you are part of our set. The children who came before that we didn't get to meet are also in our sweet set. Our set is messy and crazy and silly and sweet and held together by immense love. And we are ever so grateful for each precious piece.

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