Thursday, April 24, 2014

easter truth

What a glorious Easter weekend we had in Nashville! Easter has always been a favorite time for me, and it's quickly becoming one for the twins as well. Family time, crafts, and being outdoors are some of their favorite things, so Easter is really a perfect fit.

For the most part, Shepherd's first Easter was picture perfect. Gorgeous weather, adorable baskets, perfect outfits. Time with Aunt Rebecca and Nana & Papa. A yard full of eggs and sunshine. Lots of moments that were completely picture-worthy. But as is always true with three kids under three, there were lots of less than perfect times. Barnes lying on the convent floor and screaming. Frances busting her chin stitches open and proceeding to cry endlessly. Barnes freaking out when we prayed before lunch. Shep getting overtired and cranky.

But the joyful news of Easter is that it doesn't matter whether life seems to be going perfectly....the truth of Easter is always true, whether things feel bright and shiny or a little more ragged. Our Lord came. And died. And rose. And this magnificent news isn't dependent upon us or how we feel or what we do. Life can't be good enough to make this more true, nor bad enough to make it untrue. On that first Easter, Jesus defeated death and provided an anchor for our hope in all times, both the pretty and the messy ones.

So Happy Easter, friends. May we find hope and comfort and joy in the mysterious truth this season celebrates.

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