Monday, September 23, 2013

one week

Shepherd is one week old today.  We've had this precious little soul in our family for one whole week.

Life as a family of five is a little crazy.  Barnes & Frances have been particularly rambunctious.  I think their status upgrade to big brother/sister has gone to their heads a bit, as they've been making jokes, purposely rolling head first off beds, asking for popsicles before God is awake, and generally being sassier and funnier than ever.  Despite the nuttiness, we are loving this new version of our family.

Shepherd is just perfect.  He has the most adorable face.  He loves to be cuddled.  He really enjoys mealtime.  He tolerates his brother and sister's loud noises, as well as his crazy dogs' barking.  He looks so, so much like his brother did as a baby.  He smells amazing.  Of course, he has his quirks.  He despises diaper changes.  He would prefer to never have his clothes changed.  He wants to be held most of the time, which isn't always great at night.  Nonetheless, he is still perfect.  And he is perfectly ours.

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