Thursday, September 5, 2013

full term

Full a little.  We are now several days past the 37 week mark, the point where a baby is officially considered full term.  It's impossible to put into words how thankful I am for each of those 37 weeks.  Knowing that our son has had the time he needs in the womb to grow and mature and get strong is the most incredible blessing.  We are, of course, not assured that he will not face challenges, but being a preemie will not be one of them.  Praise be to God!

I am so completely in love with this new little man.  He is still quite the mover, and I am trying to memorize the way his kicks feel, the way my stomach jumps when he hiccups.  Though my back is aching and my feet are swelling, I am trying to relish these last days of pregnancy.  It's such an amazing thing, really...such a unique get to hold your child inside while he or she grows.  I am so thankful that we were allowed to travel this road again, with this specific boy at this specific time.  This little boy has already amazed us, surviving his first few weeks of existence against incredible odds.  We cannot wait to meet him and see how else he will amaze us throughout his life.

We love you, sweet boy, and are so looking forward to meeting you soon!


  1. Awesome!!!!! You look amazing!

  2. Looking great! Can't wait to "see" the little guy soon!