Monday, July 9, 2012

our big girl

Sweet, petite Frances is growing up.  Over the past few weeks, she has begun moving faster and faster away from infancy and towards toddlerhood.  A couple of weeks ago, she started crawling a few steps at a time, but last week she really took off.  She can now crawl wherever she wants and can often be found tailing her brother on his mischievous excursions.  And this little lady crawls with avoid letting too much of her body touch the floor, she tends to keep her right leg straight out to the side.  It's hard to explain, but adorable to watch.

She has also learned to pull up on shorter objects like stairs, bouncers, her play table.  Unfortunately Barnes often knocks her down, but she is quite persistent and usually pulls herself right back to her feet.

And her sweet, gummy grin has been replaced with two tiny bottom teeth.  They are growing very slowly, but they are both peeking through her gums now and becoming more visible every day.

Our sweet little girl who once refused all solid foods now cannot get enough.  She loves to eat...her favorites are turkey, oranges, yogurt and all things bread related.  Much like her mom, she tends to carb-load.  And she is simply giddy over her "crunchies."  If you pull out the crunchy can, she starts laughing and squealing with excitement.

We've always been slightly more protective of little Frances.  She has seemed to have a bit of a harder road than her brother.  And, on top of a few extra challenges, she is our girl.  Our little girl.  So maybe we've been slightly over-protective of her (not that I would take any of it back). But little Frances is not so little anymore.  She's growing, learning, and developing, and we could not be more proud.


  1. Such good things to hear! I bet that crawling is just the cutest!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she is crawling! That is so exciting!! I wish we could have seen her do it AND she has two teeth?! It has not even been a month! They grow so fast! Maloriee and I miss you guys so much!