Wednesday, April 4, 2012

really becoming a mom

There is one task each year that fills all women I know with a sense of dread, one annual trip that most women would prefer to skip. Swimsuit shopping. The fluorescent lights, the pale winter skin, and the evidence of holiday eating all combine for a less than enjoyable experience. While navigating the land of tiny lycra "outfits" is always uncomfortable, this year I faced a new wrinkle. I wasn't just swimsuit shopping...I was mom-swimsuit shopping.

Being firmly under 30, I've never questioned my place in the swimsuit world. I have always opted for a two-piece, or what some would call a bikini. Not a triangle top with ties on the hips little number, but a tasteful garment, often in the bandeau top family. This year, however, I found myself lost. Where do I fit now? What is young-mom-of-twins appropriate? Am I forever relegated to the land of one-pieces, despite their awkward fit on my torso? Is it time to employ the skirted bottom, despite its unstylishness?

I considered my age. I considered my options. I considered which suit Barnes would have the most trouble publicly disrobing me in. And I went with the most cliche choice of all....the tankini. The fit was decent, the top had a removable strap to avoid tanlines (one of my arch enemies), and the design was simple but not something a grandmother would wear. In a lesser of potential evils situation, this choice seemed the most innocuous.

So if you see me in the water this summer, chances are you'll see me sporting my not so trendy tankini. But no promises. I worked hard to get my after baby body back in shape, and I'm not guaranteeing that my tasteful black two-piece won't make an appearance here and there. After all, even moms need a good summer tan, right?

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